Best Places to Stay and visit in Valley of Flowers Trek

India’s one of the most popular adventures, the Valley of Flowers Trek, is the charm of the Himalayas. Since ages, it has been acknowledged as one of the oldest trekking destinations in the nation. It is nothing less than myriads of patches of vibrant colors sprawling throughout the towering snow-capped Himalayan ranges. 

This alluring trekking expedition starts from Joshimath, which is a religious town situated close to Haridwar. Acknowledged as not such a moderate trek is loaded with certain longer trekking days gradually leading to a steep ascent down the Hemkund Sahib, which will plainly put your adrenaline to face lots and lots of challenges. This 6 km long trekking expedition takes you to a height of 4000 meters off the ground. 

As you start with your trekking expedition, you can witness some rare floral species endemic to this region. The Valley of Flowers trek calls and homes to some of the vibrant precious, and rare flowers. While you engage yourself in their beauty, make sure that you stay aware of some endangered bird and animal species’ footprints. 

Where to go – 

All those who are traveling planning their Valley of Flowers trek this winter, should not miss on the exciting places in and around your preferred destination. You can either stroll down the green pastures of the Gorson Bugyal or explored the steep snow-covered mountain ranges at Malari. Spiritual people can include Pandukeshwar and Govindghat shrines in their Uttarakhand tour itinerary. 

Places to stay and rest – 

The places to stay and rest around the Valley of Flowers are as follows – 

Hotel Kuber – 

Hotel Kuber is situated in Lokpal and features accommodation with a garden, restaurant, and a terrace. This one stared hotel offers a 24 hours front desk assistance and room service. Guests accommodating in any room can wake to the call of the river waves as the window offers brilliant river views. All the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, while some even feature balconies with lake views.

Camp Valley of Flowers – 

Camp Valley of Flowers

The Camp Valley of Flowers offers a variety of rooms for guests and travelers with different budgets. You have all category rooms here, ranging from Executive Suites to Super Deluxe Rooms to Semi Deluxe Rooms. This is the best-staying location for camping tours of Uttarakhand. All the rooms are well equipped with essential facilities such as cable television, telephone, running hot and cold water facilities, and attached washrooms.

Ghangaria Camp – 

Ghangaria Camp

Ghangariya Camping site is arranged at a grand location featuring stunning perspectives of the fresh green piles spread across the compelling Himalayan ranges. This camp serves as a base point for your Valley of Flowers trek and Sri Hemkund Sahib. The tents offer all the essential stay facilities such as television, fitness facility, conference rooms, fridge, air conditioning system, etc. 

Hotel Sri Nand Lokpal Palace – 

Hotel Sri Nand Lokpal Palace offers well-equipped and well-furnished stay places ranging from Executive Suites to Deluxe to Super Deluxe rooms. All these rooms feature some common essential facilities such as running hot & cold water service, telephone, attached washroom, and 24/7 room servicing. For a place like this, these services are like Dubai Mall of Himalayas.

Best places to take pictures – 

The following are some of the best scenic locations to explore around Valley of Flowers for some memorable pictures – 

Badrinath – 


Perched atop a height of around 3133 meters off the ground, Badrinath’s holy shrine is one of the most auspicious and sacred shrines under Hindu mythology. Established in the 9th century, this shrine was constructed by Adi Shankaracharya. This temple is situated along the banks of River Alaknanda.

Mana – 

Located close to the Tibet border, the Mana is one of the last villages on the Indian frontier. On their Uttarakhand tour, most of the tourists reserve one day to explore the end of the road at Mana. This quaint little village is inhabited by the Indo-Mongolian tribal community. While you reach Mana, never miss exploring the several locations such as Vyas Gufa, Bheem Pul, and Ganesh Gufa situated within.

Best scenic locations – 

The best scenic locations in and around the Valley of Flowers are as follows – 

Gorson Bugyal – 

Gorson Bugyal

Located at an altitude of 3056 meters off the sea level, the Gorson Bugyal is a mesmerizing land of green pastures loaded with many oaks and coniferous tree covers. The beauty of this place is magnified thousand times during the winter months.

Malari – 

Situated close to the Indo-Tibetan border, the Malari village is perched atop a height of 3048 meters. This quaint little village is all over covered with numerous snow-covered mountain ranges. The beauty of this village lies in its unique architectural style and the slate roofing pattern of the old traditional houses.

Pandukeshwar – 

Pandukeshwar is a sacred temple lying in route to the holy abode of Lord Vishnu (Badrinath). This shrine has an elevation of around 1829 meters and is located at an 18 km distance from the town of Joshimath. Pandukeshwar is famous for its two old temples – Yogadhan and Lord Vasudev Temple.

Govindghat – 


This is a pristine hamlet renowned for the adventurist flowing in from across the borders. This holy Ghat is situated at the confluence of holy rivers Lakshman Ganga and Alaknanda rivers. It lies in the route of the holy shrine of Badrinath. This Ghat is nothing less than a heavenly place perched at the height of 1800 meters off the ground level.

The final destination – 

Perched atop a height of 3658 meters, Flowers’ Valley is a vibrant hub of both flora and fauna. This region forms the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Round the year, people from across borders participate in the Valley of Flowers trek to explore the beautiful cascading waterfalls, thickets, and silvery glaciers that dot the region. This mystical valley has always been lured by nature lovers, botanists, wildlife lovers, and adventure seekers. 

This beautiful high-altitude Himalayan valley has been widely acknowledged by renowned botanists and mountaineers for more than a century. The gentle landscape here features breath-taking beautiful alpine meadows to keep you engaged throughout your trekking duration.

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